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R. C. Fulwiler

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"El Gato Negro" Sundown; Key West "Let the Cat Out"
 "Words We Live By"  "Shower with a Friend" "Wishful Thinking" 
 "Men Who Dared Play Superman" "Small Town, Big Hero"  "In the Tourist Tradition"
 "The Wicked Witch is Dead" "Nice Color"  "Just Like Cheers" 
 "Wings Over Milwaukee" "Inner Sactum; Milwaukee"   "Folded Wings; Milwaukee"
"Cottage; Cabo San Lucas" "Buck Up"  "Right this Way"
"Black Swans"  "Chairs; Key West" "Where you Never Eat Alone" 

"Motel Rules" "Beautiful Music" "Shuttlecock; Kansas City"

 "Window; Key West" "Spring Green"  "El Squid Roe"




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