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Forks of a Different Color

When away from home doing weekend art festivals, I usually have enough spare time to visit some of a city's sites. Zoos have become a favorite. So when I was in New Zealand on vacation I went to The Auckland City Zoo.

It was a nice zoo but not much different from the many I'd already visited until I came to the big cat house. As it happened, I had already missed the days' feeding. I was disappointed but as I left, I turned the corner and found what was to become one of my most award winning images. There was a fence between them and me but they made a perfect composition in red and green.

Early in my career, I made a 20" x 24" print and displayed it for the first time in a show called "Coloramma" in Tomahawk, Wisconsin. The judges were two art teachers from the local community college and they went crazy over it and declared it "Best of Show". I got a purple ribbon and a check for $50.

That evening in a local biker bar, known for the full sized Triumph motorcycle behind the bar, I got to drinking and dancing and wound up with the ribbon clipped to my back pocket. All the ladies would take turns smacking me on the butt as I danced by.

I was so broke at the time that I asked the bartender if he would cash my award check for me? When he asked for an ID I whipped out my ribbon and smacked it on the bar. I got the cash and I thanked the bartender by buying him a drink.

I'm a big spender!



"Sharp Contrast"

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