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Traveling with Plastic

After moving from Wisconsin to California, I found I couldn't buy the classy pink flamingos I'd come to know and love. The best ones are made by Union Products and were the brian-child of Don Featherstone. I had enjoyed them in my backyard in all kinds of weather and wanted to put some around a little pond I built in El Dorado Hills. I searched the area and came up empty. So, on a trip back to Madison, I bought several pair and had them in the van when I toured Monument Valley on my return trip.

I got to a very popular scenic stop where everyone takes the same photograph. An Indian woman even sits there and hopes to earn a buck by being in your shot. As beautiful as Monument Valley is, there is something deep inside of me that hates to photograph pure beauty. Frankly, sometimes it's just too easy! I like to find beauty in the average scene, or place my own sense of order on natural chaos. Most of all, I like to photograph ideas. Then I got one....

I remembered my precious plastic cargo and set them free to roam the Great Southwestern Desert.

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