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 The Capture

On a back road exiting Death Valley, I rounded a gentle curve on a dusty road and came face to face with a coyote pup. I slowed to a stop hoping not to alarm it. Many times I've noticed wild animals and birds are at ease with moving traffic, but stopping often spooks them. He didn't run.

I slowly rolled down the window and raised my camera to eye level. With all my movement I expected to see an empty frame but he was still there, so I focused and took several shots. When I finished, I rummaged around in my grocery bag and came up with a crust of bread. It was the least I could do for this forlorn looking creature. As soon as the bread hit the ground, and to my great surprise, two full-grown coyotes dashed from the underbrush and snarled at each other as the morsel disappeared. The pup never moved, and never got anything to eat!

I'm sure my face had a puzzled look on it as I resumed my journey and replayed the scenario in my mind. When the road began to curve again, I glanced in my rear view mirror and saw that another car had stopped in my place. The last thing I saw as they went out of sight was an arm tossing something out of the driver's window ….

It occurred to me that I hadn't captured an image but had, in fact, been captured by the image. His was a practiced stance. I had the feeling I had just been held up by a family of highway bandits!


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